Kokkari Samos – Timeless Tradition and Charm

Kokkari Samos – Timeless Tradition and Charm

Embark on a memorable journey through the history of Kokkari in Samos, a village that combines cosmopolitan aura and cherished traditions.

As you are going through the cobweb allies, the village reveals its character through traditional whitewashed houses decorated with flowers, a living canvas that reflects the spirit of the village. These streets will lead you to the heart of Kokkari beats, in the traditional village square, a buzzing hub that captures the essence of local life.

Nested on the advantageous north-east coast of Samos, Kokkari enjoys a privileged location, with a natural bay between two small headlands, known in the local dialect as Tepedes. The timeless charm is complemented by a 200 year old port, witness to many maritime stories.

The Mana area with a natural water source adds a peaceful melody to Kokkari, a natural retreat that nurtures both soul and spirit. Also, paths unfold from here, inviting explorers to pass through Kokkari to the higher altitudes of Mount Karvounis and to the village of Ambelos.

Adding to the allure of Kokkari is its long beach, gracefully hugging the coastline just a few meters from Keepos By Polykratis Private House and ensures a seamless blend of relaxation and comfort.

The charm of Kokkari also extends to the surrounding beauty, with easy access to the most beautiful beaches of Samos such as Tsamadou, Lemonakia and Tsabou. Beyond its shores it’s located close to picturesque villages such as Manolates, Ampelos and Vourliotes.

Kokkari is not just a destination, it is a harmonious blend of tradition and natural beauty and invites you to become part of its living history.


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